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Adawn is a dental experience like you haven’t seen before. It’s a more considered approach to comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry from a team of dedicated professionals with more than 65 years’ experience. At Adawn, we welcome all new patients in a beautiful space, curated for comfort with the highest quality at every point. We strive to make you feel at ease about visiting the dentist. At our new patient visits we collaborate with you to provide a personalised treatment plan that understands and considers your input and concerns. Our team of experts listen and care and treat everyone as a person, not just a set of teeth. We promise you’ll always arrive and leave with a smile.


All On 4 dental implant treatment, restores a complete set of teeth and gums for people with failing teeth, or have been living with unstable dentures for years. Designed to be an alternative to full dentures, dental implants can anchor a full set of teeth that look and feel natural, and do not need to be removed – giving you a beautiful smile that allows you to enjoy the foods you love again.

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Composite Bondings

Composite bonding is a form of adhesive dentistry where your dentist applies a tooth-coloured composite resin to a broken, crooked or wrongly spaced tooth to correct the position, size or shape of a tooth or set of teeth. Usually completed in a single visit; the composite is directly bonded onto the teeth to reshape them, without any reduction to your teeth. More affordable than Porcelain Veneers, Composite Bonding’s can dramatically improve your tooth shape, close gaps between the teeth, repair broken, short, uneven, or discoloured teeth as well as straighten your teeth for a more beautiful smile.

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Dental Crown

Dental crowns ‘rebuild’ teeth that are compromised due to decay or damage. Made of porcelain, dental crowns are cosmetically and functionally the best solution for treating and rebuilding a decayed or damaged tooth that is compromised. At Adawn, we use CEREC 3-D technology to design and create your dental crown by our dental experts. This makes the procedure seamless, simple and pain free and completed in one visit.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a strong and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth, that help you to eat and smile more confidently. Now the gold standard of replacing missing teeth, a dental implant mimics your natural tooth root, anchoring to your jawbone and providing a solid foundation for a ceramic crown or bridge to fill the space created by the missing tooth. Designed and executed by our expert dentist, Dr Angelos Sourial and crafted by a master ceramist, the replacement tooth is created to match your natural teeth. Therefore, restoring your smile to its natural aesthetic, as well as supporting you to enjoy the food you love once more.

Gum Contouring

A beautiful and natural smile involves a combination of the teeth, gums and lips being in harmony with one another. The appearance of your gums is extremely important and influences the size and shape of your teeth. For people with a gummy smile, gum contouring can lengthen the teeth and even out your gum line, framing your teeth and enhancing your smile. With minimal discomfort, gum contouring gently removes the excess gums to reveal more of your natural teeth. The results are instantly visible and will make an enormous difference to your smile and confidence. The great news is that it is a one-off procedure with permanent results.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment is a deep clean that addresses the hardened bacterial build-up called calculus under the gum. When it’s not removed, it opens the door to several oral health complications, such as periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss. Unlike regular cleanings (Oral Wellness Visits), it can take more than one appointment for the cleaning to be performed depending on the extent of the cleaning needed. In some cases, a follow up visit may also be needed to monitor the health of the teeth and gums, especially if pockets have formed. For those who have periodontal disease, a deep cleaning can help halt the progression of the disease.

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Invisalign® Open Day

Every day, our team of highly regarded cosmetic dentists complete beautiful, transformational Invisalign® treatments for our patients. Invisalign® is a series of customised, clear, removable aligners that are designed to gently straighten your smile with minimal discomfort, giving you a straighter smile, you will absolutely love. A straighter smile is a healthier smile!

Oral Wellness

Oral Wellness is the foundation of a healthy and beautiful smile, that lasts a lifetime. A healthy smile is an essential part of a healthy body, as the mouth is the gateway to the rest of our body. At Adawn, your Oral Wellness Visit is comprehensive and preventative- it includes a thorough dental check-up, teeth cleaning and screening to ensure your mouth receives the care it needs to remain healthy, fresh, beautiful and disease-free.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are very thin, translucent shells that are placed over your existing teeth to improve your smile's appearance, shape and colour. Almost undetectable, porcelain veneers effortlessly mimic the properties of natural teeth and tooth enamel. Designed by our expert dentists and crafted by a master ceramist, your veneers will have individual textures, shapes and silhouettes, as nature intended. That way, you’ll be able to achieve the smile you’ve always desired, that is perfect for your face.

Teeth Whitening

A sparkling smile starts with gleaming white teeth. Our pain-free whitening treatment options improve the appearance of lacklustre teeth by removing stains that are locked into the enamel or the natural tooth structure. The professional process differs from whitening toothpastes, which only remove superficial stains. Deep set tea, coffee, or pasta sauce stains can be removed, making your smile look years younger. Choose your shade with one of our dental experts, then whiten your smile in chair or in the comfort of your own home.

Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings are aimed to restore and rehabilitate a chipped tooth or a tooth with a cavity, as well as prevent further tooth decay. A painless procedure, our dentists remove the decay from the tooth and fill the cavity with a filling material which is usually composite or porcelain and matched to your tooth shade. Completed in one visit, tooth fillings restore the health and aesthetics of your teeth.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are generally removed if they are decayed, infected, impacted, crowding your teeth or causing pain. If you feel pain in your jaw, gums or suffer headaches, wisdom teeth may be the cause. A thorough examination and consultation will help us determine whether an extraction is necessary. At Adawn simple wisdom teeth extraction is done in the chair in one visit with local anaesthetic and little recovery time. Sometimes wisdom teeth extraction may need to be referred to a Specialist Oral Surgeon.

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