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Keeping the Adawn Community Safe

Above all else, safety is our priority that’s why we practice Slow Dentistry and take the time to thoroughly explain treatment and cost to you. This means you truly understand the experience ahead and always ensures you’re comfortable and pain free throughout the treatment process.

And while some industries are adjusting to a New Normal of safety measures, they’ve always been normal for us. After every patient, each of our clinical rooms is sanitised and our equipment sterilised. Our team also wears enhanced PPE (gloves, masks and protective eyewear), undergoes daily health checks and laundry service and our COVID Safe plan is always up to date in line with Victorian Department of Health requirements.

Our safety promise

Our commitment will always be to provide high quality and safe patient care. We ensure your safety by:

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Room disinfection

After every patient, each of our clinical rooms and room’s surfaces is properly disinfected and our instruments and equipment sterilised.

Informed consent

We obtain informed consent of the treatment plan and costs, from all patients prior to starting treatment.

Proper anaesthesia

When required, anaesthetic will be applied and the appropriate time will be invested in assuring full numbness of our patient.

Use of rubber dam

Rubber dam is used to prevent cross-contamination for many treatments.

Healthcare Rights

The rights outlined here apply to all people in all places where health care is provided in Australia. The Charter describes what you, or someone you care for, can expect when receiving health care. This Charter is comprised and issued by the Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Health Care.

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Healthcare services and treatment that meets my needs.


• Receive safe and high quality health care that meets national standards.
• Be cared for in an environment that is safe and makes me feel safe.


• Be treated as an individual, and with dignity and respect.
• Have my culture, identity, beliefs and choices recognised and respected.


• Ask questions and be involved in open and honest communication.
• Make decisions with my healthcare provider, to the extent that I choose and am able to.
• Include the people that I want in planning and decision-making.


• Clear information about my condition, the possible benefits and risks of different tests and treatments, so I can give my informed consent.
• Receive information about services, waiting times and costs.
• Be given assistance, when I need it, to help me to understand and use health information.
• Access my health information.
• Be told if something has gone wrong during my health care, how it happened, how it may affect me and what is being done to make care safe.


• Have my personal privacy respected.
• Have information about me and my health kept secure and confidential.

Give Feedback

• Provide feedback or make a complaint without it affecting the way that I am treated.
• Have my concerns addressed in a transparent and timely way.
• Share my experience and participate to improve the quality of care and health services. To provide feedback or discuss any concerns please click here and complete our feedback form.

Virtual Visits

Not sure if you need to come in? We offer virtual appointments with our Principal Dentist, Dr Angelos Sourial. Together, you can discuss your concerns and Dr Sourial will make a recommendation on next steps. Give us a call today on 1300 2 ADAWN or Contact Us.


Our COVID Safe plan is always up to date in line with Victorian Department of Health requirements and we implement the following safety measures -

Pre-visit health check

Before your visit, we’ll reach out to ask if you’ve been sick or around anyone else who has been sick. If your answer is yes, we’ll reschedule your appointment. (Don’t worry, we’ll make this part super easy.)

Up-to-date advice

Our team is always across the latest advice from the Australian Government and the Australian Dental Association. Currently, we can provide treatment if:

  • You have no symptoms relating to COVID-19
  • You agree to our conditions of entry at your appointment (see below).

Safety protocols during your visit

  • It is a condition of entry that all visitors must wear a mask. If you’ve forgotten to bring one, we can provide you with one.
  • We ask all patients to maintain 1.5 metres of separation from other patients during their visit to the studio.
  • As always, our equipment is fully sterilised (or single use where necessary).
  • Our dentists and hygienists will always wear the relevant PPE to ensure your safety, including gloves, masks and face shields.

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