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Oral Wellness

Oral Wellness is the foundation of a healthy and beautiful smile, that lasts a lifetime. A healthy smile is an essential part of a healthy body, as the mouth is the gateway to the rest of our body. At Adawn, your Oral Wellness Visit is comprehensive and preventative- it includes a thorough dental check-up, teeth cleaning and screening to ensure your mouth receives the care it needs to remain healthy, fresh, beautiful and disease-free.

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Comprehensive and preventative

Our goal at Adawn is to keep you and your smile healthy and beautiful, preventing the need for invasive dental treatment. We have a healthy obsession with keeping you and your family's pearly whites and gums free of disease and decay. More than just routine, our Oral Wellness Visits are comprehensive. Our expert clinical team check the condition of your teeth, gums, tongue, and soft tissue inside your mouth. We offer support and guidance on your at-home oral care routine. We clean your teeth of hardened plaque and calculus that cannot be removed by simply brushing and flossing. We assess and discuss any need for dental treatment required before it becomes a painful problem.

Oral cancer check

Our examination includes a check for oral cancer and soft tissue lesions. It is vital to detect oral cancer or signs of health issues early. Remembering, that oral cancer often has no symptoms and is not specifically screened for at your regular GP visits. As always, early detection is imperative.

Diagnostic tests and x-rays

If required, we may take radiographs (x-rays) at your Oral Wellness Visit. These allow us to check for any potential damage inside or between teeth that is not visible in an external clinical examination. This also allows us to check the health of the tooth roots and jawbone, giving us a complete and true picture (pardon the pun) of your oral health.

Professional scale and clean

While our daily dental regimes are incredibly important, they are not sufficient for optimal oral health. Our expert clinical team are trained at reaching hard to reach places and making sure every little spot of plaque or calculus build up is thoroughly cleaned using professional-grade equipment. Lastly, fluoride treatment is provided to protect and strengthen your teeth against cavities. Once completed your teeth and gums will feel clean and fresh.

Personalised treatment plan

At your Oral Wellness Visit, we will take the time to listen to any concerns you have about your oral health and put together a plan that addresses any issues that require treatment, prioritising the important ones first. We will also send you home with our Oral Wellness Pack and a plan for your at home oral wellness regime.

Good oral heath means a beautiful smile

A healthy mouth is your greatest asset when trying to achieve a whiter, more beautiful smile and the only way you can accomplish that is if you take care of your oral health. When you have a healthy mouth, naturally, you’ll have fresh and pleasant breath. Moreover, good oral health also means your teeth are free from any tooth stains or discolouration, allowing you to have the best version of your smile and greater confidence. It is a commitment to yourself for life, like regular exercise or your beauty regime.

Oral Wellness Visit versus Scaling and Root Planning Visit

At your regular 6-monthly Oral Wellness Visit, we will perform an assessment of your gum health to screen you for gum disease. If you are free of gum disease, a regular cleaning is performed to remove the build-up of bacteria and calculus that accumulates in between the teeth and gums between regular cleanings. With proper cleanings, brushing and flossing, bacteria is kept to a minimum to keep the gums healthy.

Sometimes we discover that there is a hardened bacterial build-up called calculus under the gum which requires a deep clean (also known as scaling and debridement). When it’s not removed, it opens the door to several oral health complications, such as periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss. Removing plaque and calculus from the teeth’s surface and gum pockets is known as scaling, while debridement involves removing plaque and calculus from the surface of the roots- this is often referred to as a deep clean.

Unlike regular cleanings (Oral Wellness Visits), it can take more than one appointment for the cleaning to be performed depending on the extent of the cleaning needed. In some cases, a follow up visit may also be needed to monitor the health of the teeth and gums, especially if pockets have formed. For those who have periodontal disease, a deep cleaning can help halt the progression of the disease.

What does it prevent?


Build-up of plaque and tartare, causing gum disease



Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Every day

Brush and floss your pearly whites twice a day

3 months

Replace your soft toothbrush

Every 6 months

Visit us for your regular Oral Wellness Visit

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How we provide this service

Step One - Updated medical and dental history

We ask you about your general health and about any problems you may be having with your oral health. We also discuss your oral hygiene routine and diet so that we can best support you to look after your teeth and gums.

Step Two - Comprehensive Examination

Your dental professional will check your teeth, gums and mouth for any problems or signs of potential problems.

Step Three - X-rays (if required)

X-rays allow us to see any potential disease processes like decay or gum disease before they start causing problems.

Step Four - Removal of plaque and calculus

A powered vibrating device dislodges and washes away any build-up on the teeth. Small instruments may also be used to scrape away plaque and calculus.

Step Five - A surface clean

Your dental professional will then use a high-powered electric polishing brush and fluoride paste with a gritty consistency to thoroughly smooth and polish your teeth. This also includes a professional flossing process.

Step Six - Rinsing

Rinse out your mouth to get rid of any debris.

Step Seven - Fluoride treatment

A high strength fluoride gel Is applied to the teeth help reduce sensitivity and protect the teeth from decay.

Step Eight - Take home personalised treatment plan and Oral Wellness Pack

The Suite

We’ve carefully curated our space to make the time you spend at Adawn as enjoyable, calming and comfortable as possible.

Safety First

A safer way to care for you

Above all else, safety is our priority.

While some industries are adjusting to a New Normal of safety measures, they’ve always been normal for us. After every patient, each of our clinical rooms is sanitised and our equipment sterilised. Our team also wears enhanced PPE (gloves, masks and protective eyewear), undergoes daily health checks and laundry service, and our COVID Safe plan is always up to date in line with Victorian Department of Health requirements.

Cutting edge technology

The technology available can completely change the patient experience and so we invest in the best. The state of the art equipment we have in house means we can craft finer restorations, detect problems earlier, reduce treatment time and even create custom appliances when we need to.

Designed for comfort

Going to the dentist can be uncomfortable and intimidating. It may even make you anxious. At Adawn, you are always in control of your experience. We have several options available to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible from Netflix and noise cancelling headphones, head rests and blankets, right through to sedation or general anaesthetic. We’re not comfortable unless you are.

Easy way to pay

One-time payment


What's included

Oral Examination

Valued at $96

Removal of calculus

Valued at $180

Topical Fluoride

Valued at $36

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Valued at $25

Treatment Plan


Oral Wellness Pack


Total value: $337

*Bitewing, OPG and CBCT x-rays are not included in this fee, as they are only required in some situations. You will be informed about this by your dental professional and quoted at the time, if they are required for any reason. The most common x-ray is called a bitewing c-ray and the fee for that is $110.

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Led by Dr Angelos Sourial, our team of dedicated professionals has over 65 years of combined expertise. It’s just one of the reasons why so many of our patients have stayed with us for decades.

“A healthy soul and mind are found in a healthy body and a healthy body is found in a healthy mouth, as the mouth is the gateway to the body.”


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Distinction
    University of Otago, 2004
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry (Implants)
    University of Melbourne 2010
  • Current President of the prestigious Australasian Osseointegration Society (Victoria)
  • Facilitator of SPEAR Education Study Club, Melbourne since 2016
  • Published in New Zealand Medical Journal, 2004

Meet Melbourne’s Oral Wellness experts

Dr Angelos Sourial
Principal Dentist

Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Distinction
University of Otago
Postgraduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry (Implants)
University of Melbourne

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Dr Renato Simionato
Associate Dentist

Bachelor of Dental Science
University of Melbourne

Learn More
Dr Jesse Liang
Associate Dentist

Bachelor of Health Science (Dentistry)
Master of Dentistry
La Trobe University

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Dr Megan Ha
Associate Dentist

Bachelor of Health Science (Dentistry)
Master of Dentistry
La Trobe University

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Ms Hira Shah
Oral Health Therapist

Bachelor of Oral Health
University of Melbourne

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Ms Amelia Roff
Dental Hygienist

Bachelor of Oral Health
University of Newcastle

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Frequently asked questions

How often should I have a dental check-up and teeth cleaning?

Everyone is different, and we can work out how often you should have a check-up based on the condition of your teeth and gums. This is usually every 6 months but depending on your specific needs may be more or less often.

Why do I need fluoride treatment?

Fluoride makes the surface enamel of your teeth more resistant to tooth decay, and its benefits are best achieved with daily brushing using fluoridated toothpaste and enhanced with the application of a high fluoride gel during oral wellness visits.

Why should I use a soft toothbrush?

Effective removal of bacterial build up on our teeth only requires a light amount of pressure, and a soft toothbrush is all that is needed to do this without the risk of damaging the surfaces of your teeth. We often find that people who use a medium or hard brush can easily wear away their teeth and gums, especially if they have a firm scrubbing action.

Why do I need x-rays?

X-rays allow us to examine areas of your mouth that we are unable to see with visual inspection of your mouth. Examples may include tooth decay under a filling, or in the spaces between your teeth or loss of bone indicating gum disease. Most of these problems can be easily managed if discovered early on. However, if not identified, they may continue to progress and cause irreversible damage.

How can I keep my teeth, gums, and mouth healthy?

The best way to maintain good oral health is to adopt and follow good oral hygiene practices at home, including thorough brushing and flossing daily, and not having too many sweet or acidic foods and beverages. This should be combined with regular visits to your dentist or oral health therapist for a full professional cleaning.

Why are regular dental check-ups so important?

Regular dental Check-ups allow our dentists and oral health therapists to identify and treat any issues in their earliest stages, to prevent them from progressing into bigger ones that are more complicated, painful, and costly to treat. For example, if a small cavity is left to progress, it can eventually make its way into the nerve of the tooth, resulting in an abscess which could require root canal treatment or extraction. Usually, by the time the tooth starts to cause pain, the cavity has already reached the nerve.

Research has also shown a link between oral health and heart health as bacteria from dental plaque can travel through the bloodstream and settle within coronary arteries and on valves. Additionally, oral cancer screening is not a regular part of any other type of health examination and can remain undetected, even in non-smokers.

We recommend you visit us regularly for oral wellness visits to have preventative teeth cleaning. Taking a proactive interest in your own oral health could help reduce your chances of developing tooth decay, gum disease and other serious issues. When a dental problem such as these do arise, you may require more complicated treatments such as porcelain crowns or gum disease treatment.

Don’t wait until you experience toothache, bleeding, or other issues! Instead, take preventive measures to look after your long-term oral health with the dental professionals at Adawn. We’re passionate about delivering the best possible treatment and will be happy to provide advice on the best cleaning program for you.

Is tooth cleaning painful?

In most cases, getting your teeth cleaned is relatively painless if the teeth and gums are healthy. Some people have sensitive teeth and so experience mild discomfort in certain areas. If this is the case for you, please let us know ahead of time so that we can accommodate you and ensure you have a comfortable experience.

What is an Oral Health Therapist (OHT)?

An Oral Health Therapist (OHT) is a trained and registered dental professional. Our OHT’s can deliver children and adult dental services. For children, OHTs can provide preventive dental services such as full check-up, diagnosis, taking x-rays and photographs, treatment planning. In addition, if further treatment is required our OHT’s can provide additional dental treatments for children under the age of 18, which include:

• Fillings
• Extraction of baby teeth
• Fissure sealants
• Stainless steel crowns

For adult patients, our OHT’s can also provide full check-up, diagnosis, taking x-rays and photographs, as well as fillings, management of periodontal disease (i.e. gum disease), tooth whitening procedures and general oral health care and education. Where patients require more complex restorative treatment such as larger tooth build-ups, crowns, root canals or extractions; that’s when our OHT works alongside your dentist to provide comprehensive care.

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